Overview page

This section allows you to gain a quick view of the main operations that your company is facing or has pending for today.

The pies refer to the day's turns and tasks due. Below each of them, you can find a calendar that shows the number of each respective concept for each day, so you can better organize your crew.

A turns pie example

On the top right side, a section that helps you take immediate action on possible organizational risks: unplanned turns and high priority issues.

The three sections at the bottom of the page also act as reminders of situations that can lead to bad guest experiences. They are here so you can take quick action on any of them: 

  • task collisions that might prevent for example a maintenance task from being performed and a future guest to check-in with damaged property apparel; 
  • late tasks such as a late check-in that might end up with an upset guest; 
  • Unassigned tasks or changed reservations for which turns might be wrongly scheduled.

Bottom section with no collisions and some late tasks as well as unassigned ones being displayed. 

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