Contract Settings: The Contract Verbiage

In the Contract tab, you can add contract verbiage which usually contains the House Rules, Terms and Conditions, code of conduct, etc., and have it signed by the guest prior to the arrival (if needed). 

You can find the Contract tab next to the Payment Plans tab, as shown below:

  • Title: you can add the title of the contract section. It allows up to 65 characters.
  • BCC Email Address (Optional): this optional feature allows you to send a copy of the contract to someone, every time is sent to a guest.
  • Text: a text box with an editor included where the user can add the contract section info. There's no limit to the number of characters or type of characters. 
  • A checkbox to define if these are House Rules. This will allow to expose them as such in the API (and therefore synced with the channels that require this information)
  • A checkbox to define if the guest's signature is required (only within the GuestXP).
  • The option to "Add Section". The maximum number of sections that can be added is 3, but only 1 is requiered.
  • Save or Cancel

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