Contract Settings: The Payment Plan

What is a Payment Plan?

The Payment plan defines the payments schedule and the refund policy in case of a cancellation.

You can add an unlimited number of Payment plans to a Contract Configuration, but these will be synced only with the channels that allow more than 1 payment plan.

Add new Payment plans

Below the configuration name setting, the "Payment Plans" tab appears, where the configured Payment plans will display. 

To add a new Payment Plan, click on "+ Add" as shown in the image below:


When you click on "add", a popup appears, titled "Add Payment Plan". Fill out the Payment Plan information:

  • Name: edit the Payment Plan name (if needed).   
    • The name is a required field to save the Payment plan.
    • The name field does not have any limit in terms of number of characters or type of characters.
  • The Percentage you want to collect at time of booking
  • Number of days prior to check-in for when the remainder is due
  • + or - and amount of the Percentage adjusted of the rent for this payment plan. 
    For example, if you are creating a Contract Configuration for your connection for which you want a "standard rate" and a "non-refundable rate" with a discount, you should create a second Payment Plan adjusted by a "- x %".
  • Select if the Advance Payment is going to be Refunded or Not Refunded in case the reservation is cancelled. (see more below)
    • If "Refunded" is selected - in the event of a cancellation, the user will need to manually generate a refund for the collected amount.
    • If "Not Refunded" is selected - in the event of a cancellation, the system will not take any action. 
  • Set the Payment Plan as the Default configuration - this will make this payment plan to be the one applied to any new unit in the system. One Payment plan needs to be set as "Default" for the system to allow the contract setting to be saved.
  • Click on Done
  • Save or Cancel

The selection of Refunded or Not Refunded will determine:

  • The Guest XP messaging on the second screen:
  • The cancellation policy for some of the channels, like Vrbo. 

Edit Payment plans already set

When a Payment plan has been added, you can edit it by clicking on "Edit" next to the Payment plan.

The "Add Payment Plan" popup will open and you will be able to change any of the set options and click on "Done" and "Save" to save the changes or "Cancel"  to disregard them. 

Delete Payment plans already set

When a Payment plan has been added, you can delete it by clicking on "Delete" next to the Payment Plan.

The system then prompts a confirmation request message: "Are you sure you want to delete?". When accepted, the system then prompts a confirmation message on the top of the page: "<Payment Plan name> successfully removed".

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