R&A connection process

Connection pre-requirements

  1. Listings configured and active in Kigo
  2. For all listings that need to be synced - have the " channel link" selected in the collection (step 2).

Synchronization notes:

  • Currency: The account will be in the currency used in the country the properties are located in. That currency needs to be the same as in Kigo (Account Settings).
  • Prices: The maximum price per night is €50000 (or equivalent) and the minimum is 5€ (or equivalent).

Step-by-Step guide

The general process to connect is the following:

  1. Go to Channel > All Channels and click on "Add" next to Our Kigo Implementation Team will receive your connection request and create your Listing Collection. As soon as it's done, we will inform you and you can proceed with Step 2.
  2. Make sure all Taxes/Fees and Stay Rules are properly configured in both Kigo and your Extranet and that the desired listings are shared by adding the channel link.
  3. Select "Kigo" as your channel managerin your extranet for each listing:
    • Select Kigo (Kigo) and click on Next.
    • Remember to also select “Guest messages” within the features to integrate with us.
    • Accept the Terms & Conditions.
  4. Map the listings as described in this article Mapping process.
  5. Ask your Kigo Implementation Consultant to Enable the connection, or send an email to .
  6. Go to your Extranet and click on "I confirm the connection with provider Kigo" for all the mapped listings.
  7. The hotel/s is live (might take from 2h to 24h).

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