Mapping process

Here is the step by step guide to map your Kigo properties with your properties and start synchronizing availability and rates:

  1. From the Main Menu, go to Channels > All Channels and then click on "" listing collection name.

  2. Click on "Mapping (" to access the mapping page.

  3. Start the mapping by clicking "Map existing property" for the desired listing.

    Note: the listing will be mapped to a room type in

  4. Map the listing.

    A pop-up opens. The mapping will require the following 3 steps:

    1. Map hotel: this step will allow Kigo to read the hotel settings (rooms and rate plans)
      1. Enter Hotel name as provided in
      2. Enter Hotel ID as provided in
      3. Save

    2. Map the listing to a room type: this step will allow Kigo to read the hotel settings (rooms and rate plans). If the hotel has only one room type or only one is left to be mapped, the system will auto-populate it and you will be automatically prompted to the next step.
      1. Select the room type– this step will only be available if more than one Room type is created and available to be mapped for that hotel
      2. Save

    3. Map Kigo’s Payment plans to’s Rate plans: the system will read the Rate plans set in and will show them under “Rate”. We can sync as many plans as needed.  

      Note: our Refundable plan syncs to a partially refundable rate plan in Our non-refundable syncs to a non-refundable plan in  

      The default payment plan in Kigo will show in the first column, mapped to the Standard rate plan in, which will show in the second column.

      1. If changes are needed (to the default setting), select a different Kigo Payment plan (first column) or Rate plan (second column) by clicking on the dropdowns.
      2. Click on Add if you need to map the Non-Refundable Rate plan as well as a Standard plan. Select the payment plan to map to the Non-refundable Rate
      3. Save

  5. The listing and its payment plans have been mapped to’s Room type and Rate plans. The listing will be open/bookable within 24h. 
  6. Repeat the process for all the listings that you manage. 

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