Property page


This page contains all the property information and is the place where the PM will set up all the info. It is comprised of the property title (internal headline with the ID) and five main sections/cards:

  • General Info: main property information:
    • Property Details
    • Room and Spaces
    • Location
    • Property Status
  • Descriptions: property descriptions in the different languages (the languages will be the ones selected on the Account settings section). It contains the descriptions of:
    • Property comprehensive description
    • Neighborhood
    • Summary or short description
  • Media: property photos 
  • Amenities: property amenities, classified into categories. Each amenity needs to be selected in the checkbox next to it 
  • Policies: with main policies defining the property's rental that guests need to know about
    • Check-in Policies
    • House Rules
    • Legal info

How to navigate

Click on the tab you need to work on and select "Edit" for the specific section. 

This will open a pop-up where you can set or edit all the information. 

When any field is edited or added, the Save button needs to be clicked for the changes to remain. If the changes can be discarded or nothing has been changed, click Cancel.

When you are on a property's page, on the top right side of the page there are 2 buttons:

  • Rates & Availability links to the edition for the rates and availability for the property. The specific property will be displayed and the PM can immediately start setting the rates. 
  • All properties can be clicked to go back to the All properties page where all the properties are listed. 

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