Operations Tasks

A task is a visit to a unit by a crew member to perform an activity. Most often, this will be to accomplish some job such as a cleaning or an inspection of the unit. However, tasks can be created for various other reasons such as winterization efforts or paintings projects.

The list of tasks that can be assigned are:

  • Checkout: a property review including or not greeting the guests when checking out.   
  • Cleaning: a property visit for cleaning it in depth to prepare it for a new check-in.
  • Guest Check-in: a guest greeting when they arrive in a property for a stay. May include sub-tasks like charging a due amount, collecting IDs or similar. 
  • Generic: a visit to the property for any other reason not specifically listed
  • Inspection: a visit paid after a cleaning, in order to review the cleaning’s quality meets your quality requirements.  
  • Maintenance: a task dedicated to fixing any item in the property. It might require to be done without guests, should it interfere significantly in their stay (es. a painting or remodeling would not be compatible with a guests’ stay) 
  • Pick-up: an arranged guests’ car or van (most commonly) pick up at an airport or any other station where guests arrive
  • Pre-arrival clean: a special cleaning task performed before a check-in, to ensure the property is clean enough for the next guests’ stay. It is usually performed when the property has been empty for some days since the last cleaning was performed. 
  • Request: a visit to a property originated by a guests’ request and not included in any of the other tasks. 

An "Available Work" can be attached to a task so that a crew member will see that they need to accomplish some additional tasks while they are in the unit. For example, there might be a few light bulbs burnt out in the main entry. An Ops manager could create the work and attach it to an existing inspection task so that the inspector could also replace the bulbs while they are in the unit.

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