If crew members discover & report severe issues (such as damage by guest actions), a Guest Incident is created.
 Guest Incidents require work to be completed before the unit is available for future reservations.
 An example of a Guest Incident would be a crew member reporting "guest broke glass table".  In this case, management can flag the Issue as a Guest Incident add additional details to the report and associate the incident with a repair request or work order.

Guest Incidents allow the management team to document a reservation to serve as grounds for using guests’ deposit to cover the cost of repairs or determine if an insurance claim should be submitted. 


You can create an Incident from the Work page while in the Unresolved Issues section. When clicking "Now" on an unresolved issue you can select to report this issue as an Incident - which will tag this issue and make a copy on the incident page. All notes and attachments from the issue will be moved over to the incident page as well. 

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