Listing Collections

A listing collection is a set of listings that are configured to be shared with a channel or a group of channels.

The system will automatically create the collection to be used for each channel, depending on the channel type. So channels with similar configurations will need to have the same settings.

Which collections are available?

These are the collections available:

Collection name
Channels synced through it
Other information
Vacation Rental

Kigo Website

Standard partners

Standard partners: Google, Hometogo, TravelStaytion, Find Rentals.

The Listing Collection has 2 tabs, the Configuration and the Mapping.
Expedia Expedia The Expedia Listing Collection has 2 tabs, the Configuration and the Mapping.
Vrbo/HomeAway Vrbo/HomeAway
Airbnb Airbnb
Holidu Holidu

Which configurations are shared/not shared by channels belonging to the same collection?

The following settings are shared by channels in the same collection:

  • Contract Setting (payment plan + contract)
  • Stay Rules
  • Fees and taxes configurations
  • Blocked-out nights
  • Listing configurations
    • Base daily rates
    • Units set in the listing

The following settings can be set differently for each of the channels in the same collection:

  • Price Adjustments

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