How to create a new Lead

To create a Lead in KigoPro, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to KigoPro 
  2. Go to Reservations > Leads
  3. Click Create New Lead
  4. Click New Contact (for new Leads ) or Search Contact (for existing Leads)
  5. Enter Necessary details:
    • New Contact Information:
      • Name - Mandatory
      • Email  - Mandatory
      • Phone Number
      • State
      • Country
      • City
    • Lead Details:
      • Lead title
      • Status (refer to the article: introduction to Lead Page)
      • Assigned To  - can be any user that has a Booking Agent role.
      • Lead Source
      • Language
      • Notes: This can be used to take note of any extra information about the Lead.
      • Expiry Date: By default, a Lead will expire after 15 days from the creation date. At the Expiry Date, the Lead status will automatically be switched to "Discarded"
    • Make Proposal
  6. Click Create

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