Price Adjustment

What is the Price Adjustment and how to use it?

The Price Adjustment is a mark-up to your rates that can match or not the commission that each channel is charging for using their platform. Setting up a Price Adjustment will transfer to the guest all or part of the channel commission cost.

When setting up a Price Adjustment, enter the Price Adjustment percentage and it will synchronize with the channel.

For example: For a rate per night of $100 and a commission of 10%, if you set a Price Adjustment of 10%, the new price sent to the channel is $111.11 (100/0.9). the channel will charge you the commission of 10% of the price sent (10% of 111.11) = $ 11.11 and your income will be of $100.

How to add a Price Adjustment?

From the All Channels tab, go to the channel connection you wish to add a price adjustment for, click on Edit and add the Price Adjustment.

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