Booking Event

What's a Booking Event?

Booking events are notifications and events related to reservations that a Property Manager needs to work on. This normally includes changes or updates that need to be made on the reservations. Unread or not finalized booking events can be found in the related booking and in the Booking Events Page.

When there are new booking events, the Message Icon of the grey top bar shows the number of unread messages or booking events and by clicking on it you can see the exact number for each and the direct link to the page.

Booking Events Page

The Booking Events shows all booking events received. You can search by dates, Reservation ID, Unit Name and Guest Name. It's very useful when you want to work on several notifications at once.

How to navigate

From the Main Menu, select "Reservations" > click on "Booking Events" > Locate the Booking as shown in the screenshot below: 

How to manage a booking event

  1. Review the Booking Event, the Description will give you all the main details.
  2. Act accordingly, see some examples:
    1. Card authorization error or failed payment: if a card cannot be charged, you will need to manage this issue with either the guest or the channel
    2. Guest requests, such as early check-in requests. Modify the check-in time and communicate to the guest accordingly.
    3. Booking cancellation: update statement and payments (if needed)
    4. Booking update from a channel (if not synced): update the reservation accordingly (statements and payments, if needed)

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