connection types

Kigo has 2 types of connections with

1. Rates and Availability - if you already have an account in with properties created. Kigo feeds the following information once the mapping is done:

  • Calendar
  • Rates
  • Availability

- All the property content (description, photos, amenities) has to be set up and changed manually on

- Taxes, fees and cancellation policies must be created in The cancellation policy in Kigo (payment plan) has to match with the payment conditions set at (Kigo will not overwrite them)

- If your properties on do not have taxes and fees, you can create them in Kigo (choosing the send option in the listing collection) however they will be included in the total price. Instead, we recommend creating them in and choosing the option don’t send.

2. Content API - to create properties in directly from Kigo.

In order to be able to synchronize your Kigo Properties to via content API please provide us with your Legal Entity ID

Before creating a property, I recommend you to review the following points:

  • creates a description for the property based on the info provided by Kigo. The following amenity is mandatory to create a property at Kitchen
  • The address of the property must be complete: The address must be verified and there must be a valid Postal Code
  • Unit size is mandatory to create a property in
  • When creating a property in through the Content API, Kigo will determine the cancellation policy established on as per your payment plan in KigoPro
  • Kigo will always create your fees automatically on The selection of one or the other option (send / don't send) depends on how you want the fees to appear on (by choosing the send option they will be included in the total price, choosing the option don’t send the Guest will see them broken down)

From the extranet, you won't be able to see the type of connection you have for each property instead you will have to check in your collection in KigoPro (clear existing mapping means that the property already exists on and you have done the mapping, property fully synced means that you have created the property directly from Kigo).

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