Airbnb connection process with existing account

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Make sure your properties are configured correctly and have the status "active".

  2. Request the connection with Airbnb from the All Channels page.
    IMPORTANT! If you have more than 1 Airbnb account, please inform your implementation consultant as different steps are required.

  3. Configure the Airbnb Listing Collection.

  4. Add the Airbnb Channel Link in the Airbnb Listing Collection for all the properties you wish to share with Airbnb.
    IMPORTANT! If you have more than 1 Airbnb account, make sure to select the correct channel link (therefore the correct Airbnb account) for each listing. It cannot be changed afterward.

  5. Ask your Implementation Consultant to enable the connection and inform about the desired Airbnb cancellation policy.

  6. Log into your Airbnb account.

  7. Click on "Get Auth Link", copy the link and paste the link in the browser:

  8. You will be redirected to the page below:

    Agree on the “Airbnb Additional Terms of Service” and allow the connection

  9. You will be redirected back to Kigo. You should see the message below that the account is successfully linked

  10. In your Airbnb account, go to the Listings page and make sure all your listings sent from Kigo are ready to be published and there isn't an alert message to fix errors:

    If the error status shows "Fix on your connected app", the error originates in Kigo. If the error is related to the listing content in Kigo:
    • You need to edit the content in Kigo based on the errors, then Kigo will push the updates to Airbnb automatically.
    • Once the data has been approved, the listings will move to the ´Ready to publish´ status and the errors will disappear.

  11. Map your listings:

  • To map your existing Airbnb listings with your corresponding Kigo listings and start the synchronization, follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Click on "Review listings":

    Step 2: for each existing Airbnb listing of the left column, select the corresponding Kigo listing on the right column:

    Step 3: Click on "Map listings".

    12. Update sync type - this step is only needed in case you wish to change the default limited sync type of mapped listings to full sync or if you want to have newly created listings on limited sync. More info

    1. Select listing/s
    2. Click on "Edit selected" on the top right side
    3. Select "Sync settings":
      • Full Sync (everything synced)
      • Limited Sync (pricing and availability)
      • Disconnect - only to be used when listings need to be disconnected

Your properties will be shortly connected and live:

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