How to obtain your Legal Entity ID

In order to connect you to our new content API we will need your Legal Entity ID.  

A Legal Entity ID is an identifier for owners & managers of property (such as a property management company or a hotel chain.). When a Channel Manager creates a property with Content API, we need to provide a legal entity ID in the creation request.

Follow the process below to obtain your Legal Entity ID:

  • Create a Account using this link:
  • Fill in General Info 
    • Note: enter properties > 5 to get a Legal entity ID
    • Channel Manager name: select "Kigo"
    • Save & Continue
  • Enter where are properties located
    • If the properties are located in more than one country, click on "Add country/region" and add the country 
    • Save & Continue
  • Sign the agreement and click Agree & Continue
    • You should receive a confirmation page
  • will send you an email. 
  • Contact for your Legal Entity ID.

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